Book Giveaway to Celebrate Food in Books Reaching a Milestone!

I officially hit 400 blog followers today! Woo hoo! A huge thank you to everyone who continues to support my little blog that could. I know 400 isn’t a huge number, but it means so much to know that my words reach that many people.

To celebrate, and to thank my followers, I’m having a book giveaway.  Which character from a book would you most want to cook dinner for, and why? I will choose a random winner and that person will get a copy of the marvelous Nigella Lawson’s latest cookbook At My Table. I have this book, and it has some truly wonderful and tasty dishes.

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36 thoughts on “Book Giveaway to Celebrate Food in Books Reaching a Milestone!

  1. I had to go downstairs to my study/library, and glance through some of my books. I was really thinking of something classic when I turned around and noticed my little row of Janet Evanovich books and it just hit me right away! I would like to make my Apple Cider Donuts for Stephanie Plum!! If there ever was anyone who appreciates donuts, it has to be Stephanie Plum, and fall is the perfect time for Apple Cider Donuts.

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 🎉💖🎉👏👏 I’m so happy for you!… And so sad that I sort of missed this milestone in my hiatus. But…. I’M BAAACK!! Hopefully?
    And, I think I would like to cook for Hannibal Lector becauee… Well, would THAT be interesting?? 🤔😂

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    1. That is quite all right! I know how busy you’ve been. But thank you for the kind words and for all the support you’ve given me. And of course, for the collaboration that’s given my blog new energy and life. I like the idea of cooking for Hannibal Lecter, though you run the risk of becoming part of the meal if he doesn’t like what you make him. But I understand he likes fava beans……….oh, and did you ever read my take on that book? It’s here if you’re interested.

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  3. Congrats on your followers, Vanessa! You deserve every one of them. I’m excited for you. ❤

    I’m finally getting caught up and sorry I’m late, 😁 But I would choose to cook for Frodo and Samwise. The parts in LOTR when they don’t have a lot of food to eat just about kills me. Such brave little hobbits. I’d love to cook them some fresh bread and salted pork. ❤

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    1. I really appreciate that, Jen. You’ve been one of my greatest supporters! I love that you’d want to cook for Samwise and Frodo. Love the scene where Sam is talking about potatoes to -Gollum – PO-TAY-TOES! Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew! In fact, I made a potato cheddar beer soup about two years ago based on The Lord of the Rings if you want to check it out. It was quite yum if I do say so myself.


  4. This is a hard one. I think I’d like to cook for Harry Potter because every single time I reread the series, I’m upset that his horrible aunt and uncle are always starving him! And he could teach me all the various spells he knows. He seems to like his pumpkin pasties quite a lot so I could always make him a batch. Congrats on hitting your milestone, too! Exciting!

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  5. Congratulations, but I will be hard press to choose an author, character, or for that matter any person I admire, I rather cook for you, since I am somehow familiar with our mutual comments on our blogs. 🙂


  6. I’d cook for Frankenstein’s Monster before he finds the journal and starts his revengeful rampage. He needs a friend, and the conversation would be interesting. Also as someone who gets anxious about cooking for people, I can’t see him being too picky.

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      1. I’m afraid I am not much of a chef. But if I could I would cook for Hannibal Lector. Of course he would have to be restrained! The meal would consist of vegetables and meat substitutes. I would like to try and figure out if he has any human feelings or if he is a true psychopath✨

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