Episode 16 of “Cooking The Books” Podcast Now Available!

Episode 16 is a raunchy and hilarious discussion of Philip Roth’s coming-of-age novel Portnoy’s Complaint and one of modern literature’s horniest and most neurotic young men, his mommy issues and his great love of “self-servicing,” and this delectable apple-banana cake, so give it a listen at: https://anchor.fm/cookingthebooks/episodes/Portnoys-Complaint-and-the-Onanistic-Pleasures-of-Cream-Filled-Apple–Banana-Cake-evpb6a

4 thoughts on “Episode 16 of “Cooking The Books” Podcast Now Available!

  1. …though not knowing the accusations of his ex., well… though not quite at your view (it may be a bit more, as in including metaphor, metaphoric. Ie, compare to instead a great book in Italian translation, a notable one even in English, American Psycho, where explicit violence serves multiple functions,) the book maybe expresses much of what went … well, utterly wrong with US, then global, lit. in general. Itself, it’s..well, crap. Banal, simplistic, very American, very East Coast Jewish, mostly empty. Actually much of his stuff, at least the other two read…it more obligatory due to ALL THE HYPE. The same is repeated in other creative, (become an awful word over the last decade,) fields, visual art, music, food… and demonstrates how divided the world has become, the separation of social form from any substance or data. Anyway. PS nice irony the ingredients on the rec – apple, banana and… nuts.

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    1. I read American Psycho a few years ago and I agree that the extreme violence definitely served multiple functions and turns a harsh mirror back on to American society. I would never have thought to draw parallels with this book but I can definitely see them. I’m glad to know someone else found this book as banal and ridiculous as I did. It was funny in parts, I will give it that, but I really just found it more ridiculous than anything else. Sometimes we need that sense of ridiculousness to make us appreciate other things, though. And I did have fun making the cake, and in fact, this entire episode was greatly entertaining and amusing for me. I’m happy you enjoyed it and I hope you got a few laughs from it, as well.

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