Episode 1, Season 2 of “Cooking the Books” Podcast Now Available!

We’re back with Season 2 of my podcast “Cooking the Books!” Episode 1 of this new season features one of the great Mafia novels of all time and the three epic films that followed it, a very fun and informative discussion with a professor of English who claims to love the film trilogy more than I do, and a delectable veal dish, so give it a listen at:


4 thoughts on “Episode 1, Season 2 of “Cooking the Books” Podcast Now Available!

  1. …(very minor note: a small volume adjust on the external audio adds to the cast. They come across a bit too more loud relative your voice, if listening by headphones….) …another minor note: distant, a bit banally presumed, aspects, are timeless-ness or rooted in something primal beyond religious, catholic here in the movies, context, gender roles and the masculin/feminine and such…. though quite misrepresented, in terms of actual positions, in the movie.

    Hence Apollonia’s greekness, Magna Graecia, even historically accurate somewhat, and her death in such a determinate way also a metaphor, the necessitated jump from that past to now-then in the movie. (Ps, my first communion…in the tinest old church very lightly decorated for the day, by a slim, homosexual young priest, on an Abruzzesan mountianside amidst sheep grazing. No party needed, I think, even though there did folow the usual big eat. The priest made himself, slowly, a nice career, winding up a big-wig in the Vatican….)

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