Episode 3, Season 2 of “Cooking The Books” Podcast Now Available!

My latest podcast episode just dropped and it’s a hilarious one, filled with lots of laughs, an in-depth discussion of Shakespeare and food, the dubious merits of Mel Gibson’s rendition of Hamlet. My guest, the witty, intelligent, extremely handsome and wonderful cook and author Giovanni Franceschini and I swap cooking methods, he creates an impromptu iambic pentamenter verse just for me, he offers to show me his shank, and I share my method for making the funeral baked meats, so give it a listen at: https://anchor.fm/cookingthebooks/episodes/Shakespeares-Hamlet-and-the-Dysfunctional-Joy-of-Chicken-Pies-in-Coffins-or-The-Funeral-Baked-Meats-e1a0t0t

Learn more about Giovanni’s wonderful book “Dinner at Shakespeare’s Globe,” (written under his pen name Tonno Bisaccio) a hilarious and satirical retelling of many Shakespearean plays with a modern twist and some fabulous recipes, by clicking on the link above. If you’re a foodie, love literature or just like Shakespeare, you’ll adore this book!

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