Episode 6, Season 2 of “Cooking The Books” Podcast Now Available!

April is National Jazz Month, and although we’re nearing the end, there’s still time to talk about one of my favorite books in this episode! Jay Gatsby is one of American literature’s most tragic heroes, and I interview Dr. Eddie Tafoya on this pivotal novel. We talk symbolism, the role of WWI and how it affected the 1920s and informed F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, and I share my method for making a highly alcoholic 1920s cocktail, so give it a listen at:


6 thoughts on “Episode 6, Season 2 of “Cooking The Books” Podcast Now Available!

  1. Alas, I’m not in accord with some of your prof’s, ah… reduction of both the book and its main character. (Literally, Fitz is unclear, and maybe because in itself would not be particulalry relevant, on Gatzby ethnicity. This is a reflection, the book, beneath remain themes of time, love, belonging. Kinds of. What they can be. Sexuality as emergent. Crossed lovers (sorry, V., but it is made clear the love of Daisy for Jay.)(I may be wrong, but Nick never calls Jay hiself gorgeous but that something about him was gorgeous, or ‘in his gorgeous pink rag of a suit.’ Indeed, reacall how we meet him, Jay that is. ah, Nicks sexuality also remians, likely purposefully, unclear.) (Like, you know, maybe in itself sexuality and ethnicity aren’t determinate for the kind of Love, The Great Gatzby’s love, the loosing of such things, everything, to stay, to remain there within.) Tom is force, brutal, of course. etc.

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    1. Neither am I, but it was fun to at least speculate. I never had the sense that Nick was in love/lust with Gatsby, more like a combination of admiration and irritation. And I truly did not think Daisy loved Gatsby at all. The beauty of this book is that there are many interpretations. I think that’s why I continue to reread it and find new meanings.


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