“Al Forno” Episode of “Sharing The Flavor” Podcast Now Live!

Do you love lasagna? Of course you do! In this latest episode of the “Sharing The Flavor” podcast, Andy and Giovanni and I talk about the origins of Italian baked pasta dishes, of which lasagna is one of many. If you didn’t know already, al forno means “to the oven.” Lasagna, as we know it today, is lasagna alla Bolognese, which elevates the dish to an art using sheets of spinach based pasta, a meat ragú, and Bechamel sauce. We also talk about that magnificent pasta dish called timpano, a huge dome pasta pie that originated in Sicily and which gained attention from the great film Big Night starring one of my future ex-husbands, the great Stanley Tucci. And of course, what episode of “Sharing The Flavor” would be complete without a reference to Giovanni’s shank? So give it a listen and laugh along with us at:


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