About Me: Musings of a Book Lover Turned Cook

I’m Vanessa, and welcome to my blog. If you’re a fellow bookworm and foodie, you’ve come to the right place.DSC_0081

I really feel that cooking is an act of love, and as I have progressed with this blog, I’ve come to know myself in a way I hadn’t previously. I’ve opened my home, and heart, to many people in the process of cooking and writing, and it’s made me a better person for it.

As well, reading is something that is in my blood. I can’t imagine a world without books. Books have saved me so many times, have helped me travel, have expanded my worldview, and have often been a source of therapy and comfort.

Combining my two great loves of cooking and reading has inspired me to expand my own horizons, in both the books I read and the food I cook. I’m happy you’ve stopped by, and please check back each week to see the latest book and food combination. And feel free to send me your suggestions about books and the food described in them, and I’ll try them out!

24 thoughts on “About Me: Musings of a Book Lover Turned Cook

  1. I love books and have loved books since I was a small child, I devour books and read any spare minute I have, that is when I am not baking or doing my Masters ( in order to become a librarian!) I found my love of cooking/ baking last year, now there is no stopping me. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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  2. you know, even though i am ‘following’ this blog, i am not getting emails of new posts regularly, which is why i haven’t commented. will catch up today or tomorrow. a lot of followers of my blog say the same thing – they don’t always get notified of new posts. hope all’s well!


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  3. speaking of loving books, you should think of turning the theme for this blog into a coffee-table book, with nice photographs. or at least pitching the idea somewhere. i could definitely see a market for it, as a gift book for literate foodies, etc.! keep it up!


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