About Me: Musings of a Book Lover Turned Cook


I’m Vanessa Baca, and welcome to my website! If you’re a fellow bookworm and foodie, you’ve come to the right place.DSC_0081

Both reading and cooking are my therapies of choice. I’ve loved books from a very young age, and I discovered a love of cooking in my 30s. The expansion of my culinary adventures also opened my eyes to the descriptions of food and drink in all books, and made those imaginary literary worlds all the more fun and delicious to visit.

cropped-img_20151004_082424_resized1.jpgOne day, I decided to see what was online about the food in books, and found three excellent blogs, all of which I follow to this day. Cara Nicoletti’s marvelous blog at: http://yummy-books.com, Bryt Taylor’s wonderful page at: http://foodinliterature.com, and most recently, http://thelittlelibrarycafe.com/blog/

These ladies and their love of books, as well as the food found in these books have both inspired me to expand my own horizons, in both reading and cooking.

I’ll be trying out a new recipe and book per week, so stay posted! And feel free to send me your suggestions about books and the food described in them, and I’ll try them out!

15 thoughts on “About Me: Musings of a Book Lover Turned Cook

  1. I love books and have loved books since I was a small child, I devour books and read any spare minute I have, that is when I am not baking or doing my Masters ( in order to become a librarian!) I found my love of cooking/ baking last year, now there is no stopping me. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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  2. you know, even though i am ‘following’ this blog, i am not getting emails of new posts regularly, which is why i haven’t commented. will catch up today or tomorrow. a lot of followers of my blog say the same thing – they don’t always get notified of new posts. hope all’s well!


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  3. speaking of loving books, you should think of turning the theme for this blog into a coffee-table book, with nice photographs. or at least pitching the idea somewhere. i could definitely see a market for it, as a gift book for literate foodies, etc.! keep it up!


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