Episode 4, Season 2 of “Cooking The Books” Podcast Now Available!

The latest episode of my podcast "Cooking The Books" just dropped! We're talking (belatedly!) about Christmas in New Mexico, the importance of traditional holiday food, the author Rudolfo Anaya, and I interview the marvelous food marketer Eric Martinez of Los Foodies, so give it a listen, ya filthy animal! https://anchor.fm/cookingthebooks/episodes/The-Farolitos-of-Christmas-and-the-Seasonal-Happiness-of-Biscochitos-e1adp13 https://anchor.fm/cookingthebooks/episodes/The-Farolitos-of-Christmas-and-the-Seasonal-Happiness-of-Biscochitos-e1adp13

The Farolitos of Christmas by Rudolfo Anaya

Thanks to TB for the photography. Welcome to December, and a month of holiday-themed books and food! Those who know me know my great and abiding love for the books of Rudolfo Anaya. He's called the Godfather of Chicano literature for a reason, and it's his novel Bless Me, Ultima, that catapulted him and our … Continue reading The Farolitos of Christmas by Rudolfo Anaya