Episode 5, Season 2 of “Cooking The Books” Podcast Now Available!

" It's the marvelous month of March, and my latest episode features a wonderful book set in Renaissance Italy that is filled to the joyous brim with luscious food descriptions, a forbidden love, and a secret that brings to mind The DaVinci Code. I am also interviewing the book's author, the wonderful and talented Crystal … Continue reading Episode 5, Season 2 of “Cooking The Books” Podcast Now Available!

Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Horror in any form is always subjective because what is horrifying to me may not be frightening to someone else. I think that's why there is such diversity within horror - after all, anything can become scary if given the right context and circumstances. Personally, I love the horror genre because it's an excellent way … Continue reading Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

The Chef’s Secret by Crystal King

Historical fiction is probably my favorite genre in the world, and anything set in my spirit country of Italy even more so. This marvelous book, The Chef's Secret, not only meets both of those criteria, but it's also about FOOD! And FORBIDDEN LOVE! and MYSTERY! And MORE FOOD! OK, I'll calm down now, but you … Continue reading The Chef’s Secret by Crystal King