My recipe translated into Italian!

Do you remember last year when the author Crystal King asked me to contribute an original recipe to the companion cookbook that was published in conjunction with her novel The Chef’s Secret? Well, her book AND a select few of the recipes in the companion cookbook were recently translated into Italian and my recipe was chosen as one of them! I’m translated into Italian!!! My original recipe is translated into another language!!


I am sooooo excited, thrilled and honored to have been part of this amazing book and cooking experience. Here is the link to the companion cookbook in Italian! My recipe is on page 7:

Here is a link to the blog post I did for the book:

33 thoughts on “My recipe translated into Italian!

  1. Congratulations–how exciting! I just finished A Chef’s Secret and came over here to see what you had to say about it. 🙂 I still liked Feast a bit more, but I thought it was a lot of fun! Looking forward to what King writes for her third book.

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  2. Complimenti e auguri
    Will however go line by ….oh dear, it’s cool but … ‘spoilerarvi’… the translator likely comes from the north, and is below a certain age… ah, no. Upon reading the rest, it’s someone who either grew up outside of Italy or has been an ex-pat for quite some time (it’s the deal regarding gerunds, which aren’t used so often but come more natural to us, quite.) Likewise the ‘ed’ instead of ‘e’, though more elegant and correct, archaic by now, though it does sound and roll off the tongue easier. And a pleasure to see someone else doing turkey tortellini….


      1. …ah, sorry about the reading. I’d been doing a bit of translating-editing in the opposite direction (from Italian and, a bit more complicated, from, ah, extra-language (Nigerian natives) English to a rather, ah, well, horribly translated by Italians into English. Didn’t have the… polite way to say -‘just leave it in Italian. It’s easier,’ so had to rewrite. Complimenti ancora.


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